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Laura Larson is a licensed elementary school counselor of 11 years living in Minnesota with her husband, two children, dogs and chicken. She currently has two published books, Wild Mindfulness and Where Do You Go?. She is passionate about bringing mindfulness practices to the amazing students she works with as well as inspiring people around her to enjoy the wild beauty of the great outdoors! In addition to encouraging others to mindfully enjoy the outdoors, she wants to teach those around her the power of imagination and the ability to visit special, safe and calm places to find peace in a world that at times can seem less than peaceful!She lives for camping, long hikes, adventuring new places and summers off!

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November 2021

Check out the latest work by Laura Larson. 

Where Do You Go? is an enjoyable to read rhyming book focusing on the power of the mind to create a place in our imagination that brings us peace. Maybe we dream of a beach where oceans crash, or floating freely and slowly through space to find our calm. This story talks of the normalcy of having a busy brain with worries, fears and jumbled thoughts, and walks through some special places we can imagine to take us away from the "buzz" that our brains can feel. The incorporation of imagining with all of our senses is a great and useful mindfulness tool for emotional regulation in both children and adults. Suitable for all ages to encourage the mindful practice of taking "mental vacations" when we need a break and finding a grounded peace in the sometimes chaotic world around us.

"Every day, we are constantly bombarded by information, personal concerns, and a range of questions. We wish we could escape to a still and beautiful place and forget our worries. Larson shows that it is possible to create such places through the power of our minds." --Edith Wairimu

"Where Do You Go? by Laura Larson is one of my favorite children’s books (among all those I have read lately) as it is about what makes children’s lives hard; difficult times such as the COVID lockdown in the past, being ready for a test and being stressed out about it, being sick and worried, missing one’s loved ones. It offers a powerful way to feel better and to be independent. Indeed, this enchanting book allows young people (and older, for that matter) to dream in varied pretty places where they can relax. Imagining being in those places is a way of meditating and being closer to oneself while being more secure inside, calmer, and happier.

Our children, grandchildren, and students deserve to be more joyful in a world that is not always reassuring and mostly in crisis. Young minds have to face major actual and future threats, too often in addition to a feeling of helplessness, even despair. This adorable book is a means to tell them that one good way to cope is to find shelter within themselves, thanks to the unlimited power of imagination. This will contribute to raising the general level of good vibrations and hope. Keeping one's spirits high will help everybody in the long run!" --Marie-Hélène Fasquel

"Laura Larson has found a way to help us find a calming place in the comfort of our own homes, using our powerful minds. We all strive for peace but have different ideas of what would bring peace and harmony to our minds. Where Do You Go? is really helpful for both children and adults who need a special place to escape to for a “brain holiday”. --Natalie Soine

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May 2019

This picture book is meant to teach, guide and allow children (and adults!) to experience mindful moments through guided imagery and breathing techniques as they follow along a young girl and her adventures camping and exploring in the wild.  As mindfulness is the intentional practice of experiencing the here and now without letting our thoughts or feelings interrupt, this book allows children to be fully immersed in the moment while bringing an awareness and calm to their body while they listen or read.

They will have moments throughout the book to pause and be guided in a mindful moment as they learn about and practice mindfulness while incorporating themes of nature and wilderness.  Each page is full of colorful and whimsical illustrations that invite readers to put themselves in the story and add to the mindfulness journey.

Wild Mindfulness is great for kids of all ages and would be a perfect fit for any home, classroom or school library! This book also features an extended vocabulary definition page as well as a tip sheet for educators and parents to help incorporate moments of mindfulness into the day.

"Laura Larson’s Wild Mindfulness is the perfect antidote to our stressful and fast-paced lives. While reading this book I felt noticeably calmer and more at peace. It is amazing to experience the difference that a few moments of slowing down and paying attention can make. While mindfulness can sometimes seem like an abstract idea, this book gives clear and simple mindfulness practices that are easy to follow and to make a part of our daily lives. With children and adults spending more time than ever online working and attending school, Wild Mindfulness provides a serene break and shows how practicing mindfulness is readily available to each of us, no matter where we are. Filled with reminders to get fresh air and to be more present in the moment, Wild Mindfulness is an enjoyable and highly recommended read." --Melinda Facal

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October 29th, 2021

Pssst! Guess what?!?!
There’s a fun surprise at the end of “Where do you go?”
I’m so thrilled to have this fun interactive page be a part of the book!
And you better believe a coloring contest will be in the near future!
I’m so pumped to get this in YOUR hands!

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